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Vancouver Croissant - Jumbo White

BC Made

$16.49/6 x 80 g

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Experience the irresistible aroma of fresh baked croissants every day by simply thawing then baking for 15 minutes. Plus these buttery, flaky treats are certified organic. Simple and delicious! Originally established as the Vancouver Croissanterie over two decades ago, this family owned and operated business has become renowned throughout the Lower Mainland for its gourmet croissants. At Vancouver Croissant we have always distinguished ourselves by using traditional techniques and recipes, and only natural ingredients. We care passionately about what we make and take tremendous pride in how we make them. With this in mind, croissant-lovers can quickly differentiate between our croissants and those of others. From the very beginning in 1983, our intention was to make our presence felt through the quality of what we produce. We chose to make croissants the way they were intended — by hand. We’ve never used additives of any kind — not to make the dough rise quicker or prolong our croissants’ shelf life. Quite simply, we’ve never tried to cut corners. Perhaps the best example of this pioneering logic, is our use of organics. We have been offering organic croissants and incorporating organic ingredients since the 1980s. Over the years, we have continued to broaden our selection of organic recipes and products, and we are now very proud to offer certified organic croissants. Indeed, it was a pioneering logic. In 1983, a time when mass production was the guiding principle, Vancouver Croissant chose to be different. And we still are!


Organic wheat flour, Water, Organic butter, Organic sugar, Organic skimmed milk powder, Fresh yeast, Salt, Conditioner - consisting of (Fortified wheat flour, ascorbic acid and natural enzyme).