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Natracare - Organic Regular Non-Applicator Tampons

The Natracare tampon without applicator is made from a rolled wadding of 100% organic cotton. As the cotton gently absorbs the menstrual flow, the tampon expands widthways. Unlike the applicator style, this tampon is inserted using your longest finger which tucks into the flared end of the tampon to enable the tampon to be pushed into place.

$6.99/20 pack

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Natracare - Organic Regular Tampons with Applicator

The smooth & easy glide cardboard applicator helps with the insertion of the tampon. The material used to make this biodegradable applicator tube is chlorine-free. The organic cotton wadding of the Natracare applicator tampon is designed to expand lengthways, elongating as the menstrual flow is gently absorbed.

$7.99/16 pack

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Natracare - Regular Pads with Wings

These ultra regular pads are discreet, comfortable and reliable with an Organic cotton covering. They have wings to help them fit securely, and are individually wrapped in biodegradable packs for convenience.

$5.89/14 pack

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