How it works:

Step 1


You Sign Up.

It all starts with a Membership! By signing up for a weekly/bi-weekly Box, you commit to our network of family farmers across Alberta and BC.

Step 2


We Source Directly and Curate Boxes.

Each week, we call up our farmers to check on what they have available in their fields and in storage. According to what our farmers have in-season, we thoughtfully curate Boxes to include a variety of fruits and vegetables for your family.

Step 3


You Customize Your Box While It Gets Harvested.

While Our farmers set out to pick, pack and transport their produce to us, we'll send you an email every Saturday reminding you to view, modify and add items to your Box. 

Step 4


We Pack & Deliver Your Box.

Once your order is submitted, we pack your Box, and either deliver it to your home or make it available for pick-up. 

Join Our Food Family!