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Your Producers: Fifth Gen Gardens

Spanning over five generations, the Graves' family farm has seen many types of agriculture, such as grain, cattle, gardens, bees, fish (trout), and more! Most recently, their efforts have been focused on conservation efforts to maintain wetlands. By working with nature, they've taken old excavation sites and transformed them into well established ponds that many animals now call home.

After a decade of working in healthcare, Kristin has found her way back to her roots and is now moving into her fourth season with Fifth Gen. Not only does she have a three-acre market garden, but she now has two beehives, a large scale garlic plot, and is also learning the family business of grain farming. Her heart is happiest while in the field, and is committed to supplying real people with real food. We are thrilled to offer Kristin's garlic products for your Organic Box!


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