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    Growing Better



    Everything we source serves a purpose beyond outstanding flavour. Because it is locally grown, the proceeds stay in the community.

    Because it is certified organic, it is healthier for you and for our planet. Because it is in your box,

    you can be certain it belongs on your plate.

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    From the soil that nourishes its roots to the trusted hands that carefully tend it,

    we deliver great-tasting, certified organic food that you can truly feel good about eating.

    When you choose The Organic Box, you create a healthy community and a strong local economy.

    Our Producers

We Commit to Local Organic

We are a food family of farmers, producers, warehouse and delivery staff working in your community to deliver the very best food available to your door.

Finding sources of organic, local food is our passion. We deliver the perfect balance between local production and seasonal eating.

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Your Organic Box contains food grown without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fumigation, resulting in greater health for soil, plants, animals and people. Support local organic farming families and enjoy better nutrition and flavour.

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Certified Organic

We believe that organic practices are the best way to ensure a sustainable food system that recognizes the need to minimize our exposure to chemicals.

GMO-Free. None of our products are genetically modified or have genetically modified ingredients. Every step in our process from the farm to your front step is inspected by third parties and extensively tracked to ensure that you can trust in the quality of your food.

Why Organic MATTERS

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The Organic Box delivers local organic food from our producers to your door. We minimize our impact on the environment by sourcing local & sustainably produced food in season, while preventing chemical use in food production. Our business is carbon neutral, and committed to providing local, organic food you can feel good eating!

Join our food family, and let's grow better together.

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