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Step 1 - Add to Box<br> Step 2 - Add to your Standing Order according to your order frequency (weekly or bi-weekly)<br><br> Occasionally we do not have the item that you ordered and have to make substitutions of similar items in your box. There are a variety of reasons for this, including: <br>- Weather affecting quality <br>- varied delvery schedule from suppliers <br>- shipping delays at the border <br>- worker availability on the farms <br><br> If you would prefer not to get substituions, add this item to your standing order and that will signal our warehouse team to short your order rather than giving you a similar item. <br><br> Please note, we do our best to send product from the supplier listed, but from time to time, we may have to send the same product from a different producer. We do not consider farm changes a substitution if it is the same fruit or vegetable.


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