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Certified Organic
Food Family Farm
250km from Warehouse
Alberta Made

Reclaim Urban Farm

Cabbage - #2 grade - Canning (Sauerkraut)

Are you still in the canning groove from fall harvest? This is perfect for all the sauerkraut lovers out there. Perfectly good cabbage but it split in the field from all the rain this year. This 10lb bag will contain cabbage that has the splits cut off or them so may contain a lot of partial heads. Perfect for making sauerkraut with

$9.49/10 lbs

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Certified Organic
Food Family Farm
500km from Warehouse
Alberta Made

Poplar Bluff Organics

Carrots - Juice Grade - 10 lbs

They are beta-carotene monsters! So if you're itching for some vitamin A, load up on carrots for juicing. These are the misfits, either being broken or too large, but making them perfect for some morning juice or carrot cake!

$27.99 save 29% ($8.00 off)

$19.99/10 lbs

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Certified Organic
Food Family Farm
Fair Trade Product
Plastic Free

Asoguabo (APPBG)

Bananas - Bakery - CASE

Peel them and freeze them yourself for a great addition to smoothies all summer long

$79.99 save 31% ($25.00 off)

$54.99/40 lbs

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