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Coombe Castle - Cheese - Wensleydale - with Chocolate & Orange

Sweet and candied orange peel with milk chocolate and white chocolate.<br> Pairing: Your favourite bubbly drink.

$6.99/150 g

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Ovino - Sheep Cheese - Golden Cheddar

Ovino's Sheep Cheddars bring you the rich and creamy flavour of a traditional and authentic recipe that has been passed down by generations. <br><br> This is the only Canadian cheddar cheese made from 100% pure sheep milk which gives it a unique and distinct flavour. We hope you will enjoy!

$13.99/200 g

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Certified Organic

L'Ancetre - Cheese - Swiss

This Swiss cheese offers the perfect balance of salty and sweet with the unique taste (and holes!) that result from propionic acid fermentation. <br><br> Its slightly tangy flavour at the start will take your taste buds on a trip to Switzerland that ends with a delicately sweet, fruity finish. This soft yet solid cheese is famous for its typical hazelnut-sized holes. <br><br> Our gluten free and lactose free Swiss is the perfect choice for baked and grilled dishes – not to mention French onion soup! It is delicious just as it is, on your morning toast or in sandwiches, of course.

$15.79/325 g

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Tre Stelle - Cheese - Pecorino Romano

Made with 100% milk and no modified milk ingredients. Aged a minimum of 5 months.<br> Product of Italy.

$12.79/200 g

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