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Sunworks Farm

Sunworks - Eggs - Large

Staff comment: "The best eggs ever!" <br>Being Certified Organic these eggs must have access to the outdoors (weather permitting) making them Free Range Eggs! Our hens are raised free run in moveable shelters that are moved daily onto in the summer onto fresh green grass. The hens feel secure laying their eggs in the nesting boxes which are in the shelter. In the winter the hens are brought inside and given lots of space to run around, clean bedding and healthy free choice certified organic grains and organic alfalfa. May Sub Purnima Large Eggs or Sunworks Extra Large Eggs


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Food Family Farm
1000km from Warehouse
Free Range
Serving Size+4

Mans Eggs

Mans Eggs - Free Range - Local

Mans Eggs takes eggs to a whole new level. Delivering quality free range eggs at fair prices throughout Alberta is just the start. <br>The product you use for cooking, baking, breakfast, lunch or supper was laid by free range hens which are given the choice to be indoors during windy or rainy days, and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors on warm sunny days. <br><br>To ensure consistency from one dozen to the next the farmers purchase feed from one feed mill. Alfalfa meal is added to the feed which ensures each egg is full of rich flavour and healthy color. At the CFIA approved grading station each egg is candled to ensure cracks, blood spots (a natural occurrence), and deformed eggs are removed. After being candled each eggs is washed and graded into size and then set into cartons or trays depending on the shipping destination. Mans Eggs knows it is critical for our customers to know where each chicken is raised, and each egg is laid. We keep it very simple: the hens and all the eggs are grown and graded in Southern Alberta.

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