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Silk - Festive Nog

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Spread the Cheer with Silk Festive Nog, a delicious plant-based twist on everyone’s seasonal favourite. Dive into the rich and smooth blend of coconut and oat, offering a nog sensation that’s both indulgent and refreshing. This isn’t just any beverage; it’s a creamy plant-based celebration in a glass!

Whether you’re swirling it into your favourite holiday beverages, pouring it straight into a glass to savour its delightful taste, or adding a sweetness touch to your morning coffee, Silk Festive Nog spreads cheer in every sip. Embrace the joy of the holidays with this delightful plant-based nog. Cheers to a plant-powered celebration!


Oat base (filtered water, gluten-free oat concentrate, amylase, glucanase), Coconut base (filtered water, coconut cream), Cane sugar, Sea salt, Guar gum, Gellan gum, Natural flavour, Turmeric extract [for colour].