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Hodo - Tofu Nuggets - Thai Curry

Gluten Free

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Grab your fork and thank your lucky stars: our nuggets are pure heaven. To make them, we cut our protein-packed organic firm tofu into bite-sized pieces and fry them up for a chewy texture. We then slow-cook them in a traditional curry blend of bold Thai spices like lemongrass, turmeric and just a hint of cayenne. And more delicious news: these nuggets are ready to eat anytime.

Use them instead of chicken in endless dishes.


Organic Hodo Tofu Nuggets* ( Tofu* (water, soybeans*, calcium sulfate), soybean oil*). Braised in curry broth: Water, sugar*, salt, curry blend* (coriander*, turmeric*, fenugreek*, cumin*, black pepper*, cayenne*), garlic powder*, chili flakes*, cayenne*, lemongrass*.


Contains soy, of course ; )