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GluteNull - Buckwheat Bread - Unsliced

BC Made
Frozen Food
Gluten Free
Nut Free

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$7.19/737 g

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The bread that started Glutenull Bakery is still one of our best sellers today. Buckwheat bread has an amazing taste and tastes perfect when thinly sliced and toasted. It is similar to rye bread with a dense texture. Has 14 days ambient shelf life and 3 months in a freezer. We recommend to slice it and put parchment paper in between before freezing it.

All our artisan bread is gluten free, vegan and made with top quality, Non GMO ingredients. They are hearty, nutrient dense breads that we bake in small batches to ensure taste and quality.


Organic buckwheat cereal, red rice flour, organic flax, baking powder (aluminum-free), xanthan gum, water, sea salt.