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250km from Warehouse
Alberta Made

Lund's Organic Farm

Beet Noodles - Lunds

Beet noodles are truly a thing of beauty. The color is so vibrant. One look at them and you know you don't need to do much to make them delicious. They paid well with dill, balsamic, goats cheese, plain yogurt or use them in your next stirfry!!

$7.99/227 g

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Certified Organic
Food Family Farm
BC Made
Plastic Free

Myers Farm

Beets - Lottery - Bunch

Sometimes our growers can't commit to the volume of one color so in order to help them out, we do a lottery of colors!!! This allows us to support small farms </br></br>So much fibre! So many nutrients! So many vitamins! Beets are the root of health.


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