Skip, Pause or Cancel at Any Time!

We know that life can be unpredictable and that things can change, we wanted to be able to better accommodate these changes. Your account with The Organic Box is completely customizable and flexible! You can schedule your deliveries weekly, bi-weekly or only when you need it with a DIY Box. If you are going on a holiday you can also implement a holiday stop.

Quality Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed at The Organic Box. We believe that the only way to make sure that all of our food family members are happy is to stand behind our quality. If you receive an item that is not up to your standards, please let us know by using the rate your box function, calling us, or messaging us through the website chat bubble. We will issue a credit so you can enjoy your next order. 

Simplifying your experience

We at The Organic Box believe that there are too many barriers between families and food grown by local farms. It is difficult to find in stores. Farmers' Markets are only held on certain days of the week and certain months of the year. Having a fee to have this special food delivered is another barrier. Our mission has always been to grow the local and organic food sector in Alberta by giving families access to this special food. We have addressed the initial challenges by offering a delivery service and the time has come to eliminate the delivery fee.

Going Beyond The Box

The Organic Box has always been about more than just food delivery. We started with a mission to do things differently in our food system - to find and support family farms in our communities, to help to drive value for families looking for regular, reliable access to local, organic food.  We started with the specific intent to drive value across the food system and act as a family, from producer, to warehouse, to delivery, to members.  Our philosophy included, in large part, a commitment to going above and beyond. Giving back to our community in ways that promote health, wellness and local food.

In order to effect change in our food system, we have had to invest time and energy on projects and products to solve our unique challenges. Our commitment to minimal environmental impact meant offsetting our carbon output. In the past, these costs were built into our prices and our 'Sustainability Fund'. 

Over the years those lines blurred. We are driving for transparency and competitiveness in our catalogue  and with that in mind, going forward you will notice a 'Beyond the Box' line on your invoice. These funds are earmarked for all of the ways we go above and beyond the box. All of our sustainability initiatives. All of our community engagement. All of the ways that we are different. All of the things we do with our Food Family in mind.

The Organic Box is about bringing you the best food from near and far away.

With thousands of organic and natural grocery items to choose from, there's a lot to try! Whether you need to add more produce to your box or extra ingredients to create delicious, healthy meals, we have plenty to choose from. Check out some of our best deals from our family to yours, today!

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