We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Farm Box of Canmore

By working with our friends at The Farm Box we are able to bring more Alberta products into more communities, offer more connections to our local farmers with the growing Alberta Food Movement.

The Farm Box has developed their own unique set of relationships with Alberta Growers and you will see just a few of these featured below. We are excited to expand our community of farmers. 

We have added two new weekly boxes that are now availabe to our entire Food Family. These new boxes are "The Farm Box" and "The Complete Box". These two boxes are the signature boxes for the Canmore community. These boxes focus more on locally produced products and less on being 100% organic. 

Eagle Creek

Welcome to our Food Family Eagle Creek! 

How They Farm

"The goal is to farm our land sustainably so our ancestors can keep farming the land for generations to come. For us this means, reducing the amount of un-renewable resources as possible while ensuring we do not negatively effect the environment around us. Yes, we still use diesel in our tractors, but believe the philosophy around organic production is much more sustainable in the long run than current conventional agricultural’s dependence on many synthetically produced and mined inputs." - John Mills of Eagle Creek

Gull Valley Greenhouses

A Canmore Favorite!

Gull Valley Greenhouses is family owned and operated.  Phil and Carolyn Tiemstra began growing beefsteak tomatoes in 1991 and have expanded the operation several times adding many different varieties of tomatoes along with beans, lettuce, peppers and Herbs

Biological Control Methods

In order to control pests, beneficial bugs are introduced into the crop.  This is a natural alternative to using harmful chemicals.   Using biological control methods leaves a smaller impact to the environment.


The vegetables at Gull Valley Greenhouses are grown using hydroponics.  The growing medium is coconut fibre, which is simply ground up coconut husks.  This is a great growing medium because it holds water very well and allows for increased oxygen which is important for healthy roots.  The plants are given just the right amount of water and nutrients each day.  Hydroponics have some very big advantages over conventional farming, and two such advantages are:

  • the ability to produce high yields on a small area
  • efficient use of water 

Welcome Harker's Organics

Located in Cawston, the heart of Canada's organic capital! Celebrating 5 generations of family farming... working on 6! Harker's mandate is sustainable organic food and family farming 

The Organic Box is about bringing you the best food from near and far away.

With thousands of organic and natural grocery items to choose from, there's a lot to try! Whether you need to add more produce to your box or extra ingredients to create delicious, healthy meals, we have plenty to choose from. Check out some of our best deals from our family to yours, today!

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