Vitalaberry Farms are 12 (and growing) dedicated haskap farms, scattered across Western Canada, growing haskap berries in the healthiest way possible.

Meet our Growers

  • Bokey Blooms Farms --- STURGEON COUNTY, AB
This fifth-generation farmer is modernizing the humble family farm with sustainable, healthy crops. Currently, they maintain six acres of haskap orchard and are putting the finishing touches on a small on-site production facility.
  • Blas Berry Orchard --- PARKLAND COUNTY, AB

In 2013, Owners Sam Kreuger and Grant McCubbing realized a dream when they purchased rural property and grew the small operation to over 20,000 early- and late-harvest haskap bushes.

  • Blooming Krale Orchard --- NORTHWEST OF PRINCE ALBERT, SK

Blooming KRALE Orchard is a 4th generation farm that transitioned their traditional grain operation to a haskap orchard in 2016. Currently, there are 17,000 haskap under drip irrigation, with at least another 15,000 being planted in the coming years.

  • Blue Vista Orchards --- PICTURE BUTTE, AB
This father-and-son operation has 10,000 plants on eight acres and farms with an eye to keeping the operation viable for the next generation. They enjoy working together as a family with a goal to grow great tasting, healthy fruit.
  • Broken Tine Orchard  --- WEST OF GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB
Broken Tine Orchard’s 19,500 plants thrive on 35 acres of full-drip irrigation. This fourth-generation farm, established in 1926, has been growing haskaps since 2011.
  • Indigo Springs Haskap --- PICTURE BUTTE, AB
Indigo Springs planted 20 acres of haskap bushes between 2013 and 2014 and have since shifted the operation to focus on this mighty berry. They share our vision of growing the healthiest fruit possible in the most sustainable way by keeping their land regenerative.
  • Little Smoky Haskap --- LITTLE SMOKY, AB
The dynamic duo behind Little Smokey Haskap acquired a small farm in 2005 and have since expanded tremendously. The long summer days and rich farm land make it an ideal place to grow haskaps.
  • Phoenix Haskaps --- NOBLEFORD, AB

While this fifth-generation farm is today in southern Alberta, it has its roots in late-1800s Netherlands. Today, they have 42,000 haskap plants on 30 acres of sprawling prairie with the beautiful Rocky Mountains in view.

  • Prairie Hill Fruits --- PICTURE BUTTE, AB
Established in 2013, the couple behind Prairie Hill Fruits has been farming for 27 years. They began with five acres and over the years have expanded into the pristine 40-acre operation there today.
  • Rosy Farms --- STURGEON COUNTY, AB
In 2014, 80 acres of intensively-farmed dirt northwest of Edmonton was transformed to beautiful soil capable of growing the best berries possible. To date, Rosy Farms has 26,000 haskap bushes, with plans to build a processing facility and continue to expand.
  • Savory Grove Farms --- PIERCELAND, SK
As a multi-generational family, Savory Grove have farmed and ranched for the last 21 years. In 2015 they diversified and planted 16 acres of haskaps with an aim to create a sustainable resource that can be farmed responsibly for many years to come.
  • Willow Ridge Haskap Farms --- CHITEK LAKE, SK
Willow Ridge orchard began in 2013, planted by a third-generation farmer with a fierce dedication to the lifestyle. 20,000 trees were planted across 16 acres of beautifully cultivated Saskatchewan plains. Willow Ridge also houses several sheep, you can spot them roaming around with their fluffy coats.