Tamminga Farms has been offering fresh, spray-free asparagus to the public since 2001. Throughout the years, they have supplied asparagus to many high-end restaurants all over Southern Alberta, farmer’s markets, fresh vegetable delivery box programs, and hundreds of u-pickers who can, freeze, or consume it fresh! There’s just no comparing our fresh asparagus to the asparagus you buy in the store!

Tamminga Farms is located in Cranford Alberta. 

It is a diverse irrigation farm that grows a variety of crops including potatoes, canola, beans, sugar beets, wheat and of course - asparagus!

Their asparagus season typically begins at the end of April and runs for seven consecutive weeks. It is a highly weather dependent crop, which can make it challenging for us to know just how much supply we will have on any given day. Asparagus loves the sun, so on a hot day they can harvest the field twice as it can grow 12 inches in 12 hours! But as soon as the clouds roll in, or the temperature drops the plant will slow right down, and it can sometimes take 2 or 3 days for it to grow tall enough to harvest. All of our asparagus is picked and bundled by hand. 

Tamminga Farms is a family run business. Marian Tamminga has been the primary manager of the asparagus season for many years. Two years ago she handed the reins over to her daughters, Amanda and Danielle, to continue serving you and producing quality, fresh asparagus for years to come!