Growing real food for real people; In this beautiful Fraser Valley soil, we’re farming here. Sweet Earth Farms has a sweet little history - Beginning in 2014, changing hands of farmer friends through the years, expanding and contracting, experimenting, making mistakes, watching rabbits eat hundreds of pounds of beets, watching thousands of pounds of potatoes go out the door to our favourite cafes. Selling food at farmers markets, through CSA’s, to grocery stores and distributors, with big losses and big celebrations (much like life) here’s the 2020 iteration of Sweet Earth Farms.

We’re small scale, certified organic, finding home and community at the Yarrow EcoVillage, in Yarrow, BC. Your farmers are Miranda and James - We like to grow the long haul crops, build a glass greenhouse, tend to plant babies, and get good food out the door. One of us is good at fixing our 1962, Massey Ferguson tractor named Charlie, and one of us is good at growing things. Celia and Lily are the cool kids - sometimes they’re good at harvesting, watering and weeding, mostly they’re good at being kids and getting the heck outta there.

With a good bit of realism, a good chunk of farming background, a nod to people who have done it before us, and a bit of luck, we hope to bring you some beautiful food. Thanks so very much for checking in on our farm.