The family pioneer, Miguel Crisantes Gatzionis, migrated from Greece to Mexico in the 1920s. Don Miguel started farming in Sinaloa, Mexico in 1930. Don Miguel's son, Theojary Crisantes, became an organic farming pioneer in Sinaloa. After completely transitioning the family's farm to sustainable practices, Theojary, Sr. now oversees a successful transition of the family's organic farms to his three sons: Theojary, Ricardo and Adrian. Theojary Crisantes, Jr., and Adrian Crisantes are both university-trained agronomists and regarded as organic vegetable production experts. Their farms offer opportunities for workers to become skilled in both age-old organic production wisdom and 21st-century technologies guaranteeing more sustainable vegetable production.  Ricardo leads the business side of the organization.  Under their leadership, Wholesum Family Farms is poised to begin the next eighty years of organic-growing excellence. Wholesum harvests organic vegetables from diverse regions in Mexico. From greenhouses in Northern Mexico's high Sonora desert and Southern Arizona’s high desert to southern sea-level production at La Cruz, our family's year-round harvest of wholesome crops benefits from Mexico's diverse geography and climate. We also partner with Mexican and Peruvian fruit growers to export a long season of delicious organic mangoes. Wholesum Harvest fruit and vegetables are all certified organic according to the stringent standards of the USDA National Organic Program. Regular assessments on our farms by a San Diego-based agency inspector verify that we are always fulfilling certified organic standards.