Since 1996,  the Juuti family has been raising Yaks near Rimbey in Central Alberta. They stumbled upon Yak farming almost by accident and have since grown their herd from 2 to around 80 animals. Yaks are a multi-purpose animal. They are well-suited to our Alberta climate and have been bred to be excellent pack/pull animals. They also make lovely wool in addition to milk and meat.

Domesticated about 4000 years ago in the Himalayas, the Yaks at West Gimlet farms are hardy and very efficient. Easy to manage, they need no special fencing or special facilities over the more mainstream cattle. The cold doesn't bother them, but in the heat they like to find shade and swim in dugouts to keep cool.

Yak meat is low in fat, has an excellent flavour, is fine-textured and low in cholesterol.

West Gimlet Farms is situated on rolling foothills, perfect for Yaks! They graze on only grass and are able to graze mostly year-round. Grass is banked for use in the coldest winter weeks.