West Coast Wild Foods is a partnership formed between Austin Glenn and Jeremy Budd over their love of the outdoors and wild foods.

The company is the result of a lifetime spent in the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest exploring and learning about the wonderful wild mushrooms and other wild foods that our beautiful landscape has to offer.

From our roots as wild mushroom harvesters, beginning as teenagers, to our foundation in the wild mushroom industry working in the field as buying agents, we have grown into the premier wild mushroom company in North America.

In the beginning we concentrated specifically on morels and we traveled year after year searching for them. From the Northwest Territories to southern B.C. we harvested, bought, dried and processed our own morels before selling them to a growing group of customers.

We in turn have gained a reputation throughout the world for the quality of our morels. The key to this is our intimate knowledge of this mushroom and how to retain its quality through the drying process. We have designed an all-natural drying system that is emissions free and uses only air and wood heat.

Over time we have grown our business to include many other types of wild mushrooms, and also wild greens. In 2012 we began researching and learning how to create our own maple syrup from B.C. maple trees, we are truly a wild foods company. Our focus now is in bringing this ever changing and growing line of wild food products to the public. As we learn and grow we look forward to sharing our discoveries and our vision with you.