We have a sea salt manufacturer in Canada? Why yes we do! And we're very excited to have them included in the catalogue for The Organic Box. This is local, innovative, and delicious. Let's here all about it from VISC founder, Andrew Shepard: "After a decade travelling the world as a chef, my young family decided to plant our roots on beautiful Vancouver Island.  Surrounded by pristine ocean waters, I wondered why Canada did not have its own Sea Salt. A friend told me that "if it could be done, it would be done"... Well, that sounded like a challenge and a bet for a case of beer was made.  We spent a night on the beach boiling down sea water over a fire. In the morning, sea salt was harvested, I had won the bet (and the beer) and the rest is history.  I am very proud to offer the world a taste of truly unrefined Canadian sea salt and a selection of sea salt infusions, respectfully hand harvested from the wild coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Enjoy!"