Purveyors of finely handcrafted artisan herbal organic soap in Alberta, Canada. Our hand, body, and laundry soaps are made from the finest ingredients available and are gentle, truly safe and effective for all skin types and the entire family. Oh, and they smell as amazing as they look! Happy browsing!

Tanglewood's humble roots came in 2012 when the owner's 12 year old daughter Rheanne was diagnosed with bone cancer. Thankfully, utilizing surgery and an extensive alternative protocol, she determinedly and awesomely thrived through cancer and is now doing fantastic! 

Tanglewood Garden & Farm Fine Organic Herbal Soap was born out of the necessity to continue to keep her as toxin free as possible. Unable to find a healthy soap that met our daily needs and high standards, after researching the techniques and ingredients to craft the highest quality natural soap possible, I set about creating it. Leaning on my acquired knowledge as an award-winning landscape designer and home herbalist it was a natural leap to incorporate the local plants renowned for their skin healing properties into the healthful soap base.

This is how the soap was born and quickly became a local family staple.  Now our fine soap is being gifted around the world! Our soaps are beautiful, amazingly scented, and purely organic, with the unique therapeutic benefits derived from traditional and historical healing plants. 

Empowering and helping families to live a healthy chemical-free lifestyle is a core value of our family run business.  We currently donate our soap to the local Woman's Shelter, any local association in our community that request , to the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta, and they are also currently in negotiations to donate to kids (patients) admitted to the Alberta Children's Hospital.