Sunset Ridge was established in 1999. We began with raw land that was covered with chest high star thistle. Together we built our home, barn, and planted over 2,500 trees. All along the way, family and friends have helped us bring our vision to reality.

Greg's parents moved to Newcastle in 1966 from Sacramento looking for a country setting to raise their 4 sons. They still live in the home we grew up in and operate Magnolia Hill Orchard, part of the Lewis family mandarin orchards.  My brothers and I all went to Newcastle Elementary School and Placer High School and all still in Newcastle as well. We  have a vested interest and love for this community,  with our family and friends nearby.

We are a Certified Organic farm. Farming organically is more than a label. It is a way life, the right way to grow the healthiest and most wholesome food possible. For your peace of mind we are committed to nourishing the soil with healthy products that in turn produce healthy fruit. We use no pesticides or herbicides. That means alot of mowing, weedeating and hand pulling of weeds to control weed pressure. We use no synthetic fertilizers. Instead we use compost and other OMRI approved materials to nourish our trees and soil. We have also begun to brew our own compost tea, made from worm castings. This 'tea' is applied as a foliar spray on the leaves of trees and as a soil drench to stimulate the growth and development of microbial activity in the soil.

We consider it a privilege to partner with the earth, sun and Creator to grow sweet and nutritious mandarins that we can share with you and your family.