Sunrise Gardens is a family operated, certified organic farm that opened its doors in 2002. The farm sells a wide variety of produce, specializing in gourmet vegetables and specialty greens such as wheatgrass, sprouts and microgreens. Their produce is sold year-round in Edmonton at local Farmers' Markets, retail locations and at the farm itself. Sunrise Gardens believes in agroecology – a system of farming that works in harmony with the particular ecological system surrounding and encompassing the gardens. They also practice season extension by use of cold frames/hot houses. A love of healthy, whole foods and respect for the land is truly what guides them. The Organic Box is happy to have Sunrise Gardens as a year-round provider of delicious wheatgrass and microgreens (broccoli, sugar pea, radish, sunflower and buckwheat), and seasonal provider with summer and winter squash. And if you've ever been by our office, Sunrise Gardens famously provided the giant pumpkin that sat on our welcome desk through the 2013/2014 season. You can reach the farm by going to the gate by appointment and at Old Strathcona Farmers Market.