Sunfresh Farms Growers Cooperative is an organization dedicated to promoting and distributing Alberta-grown produce. From their facility in Northwest Edmonton, they package and distribute greenhouse-grown and farm-grown produce alike. Most of our farmers are located within two hours of the warehouse, however, we have farms located throughout Alberta and Western Canada. We believe in responsible industry practices while following the highest food safety programs. Sunfresh Farms is a leader in food safety and we are a proud member of the BRC.

Many of your favourite market growers belong to the Sunfresh co-op. These include: Kuhlmann's Market Garden, Riverbend Gardens, Rivervalley Products, Hillsight Vegetables, Pik N Pak Produce, Doef's Greenhouses and TR Greenhouses. 

Our partnered Alberta farms are passed on through generations and usually stay in one family for years. Buying local produce that comes from a local farm generates income and jobs throughout the economy, which in turn, provides years of benefit to both the farmer and the economy.  Purchasing local helps keep unemployment low, property values high and economies independent and strong. When people buy from local farms, farmers can invest in more research and development regarding procedures and processes to continue to deliver high quality, sustainable products. New crops will be developed, new farm equipment will be purchased and in return, more land will be used for harvest. The result of this continued development is not just a stronger Alberta, but a healthier, happy community