We are devoted to providing the highest quality fruits and vegetables, produced by the world’s finest growers, packed in our SunFed label. This commitment and discipline has created a reputation for providing vegetables with extended freshness and consistent eating quality for our melons, a difference consumers will immediately notice. SunFed's commitment to food safety pre-dates the current issues facing the fresh produce industry. Today SunFed leads the industry in food safety. At SunFed, food safety is a culture backed up by an infrastructure. We employ our own internal food safety standards and audits, administered by SunFed's food safety specialists. Additionally, all of SunFed's growers follow PrimusLabs.com protocols for food safety, and submit to PrimusLabs.com field testing utilizing Multi-Residue Screening. Primus Labs certifies many of the companies that provide the food that you and I eat. Only one of those companies is certified in all seven areas of food safety discipline. Only one of them operates exclusively in Mexico. That one is SunFed.