Sundog Organic Farm is run by James Vriend and Jenny Berkenbosch, husband and wife team, and their three young sons; Silas, Eli, and George. They are passionate about connecting people with the source of their food and providing nutritious and delicious produce. Eating locally and seasonally is incredibly nourishing and they want you to have access to that! Sundog Organic Farm focuses on artisanal quality vegetables with an eye towards what is fresh and fun for your plates. They also grow beautiful staples, using varieties that taste amazing and do well in our northern climate. They believe that the health of our food and our customers lies in the health of the soil.  Therefore Sundog takes exceptional care to ensure the quality of their soil is constantly improving.  They never use harmful chemicals to manage our crops, but instead use a variety of innovative strategies, such as green manure crops and careful crop rotation, to increase their yields and improve soil quality for the long term. When they are not busy growing and harvesting for The Organic Box, you can find James and Jenny at the City Market Downtown on 104th Street.