Stemilt is the largest organic tree fruit supplier in the United States. Stemilt's founding family, the Mathison's, have farmed their Stemilt Hill homestead since settling there in 1893. Tom Mathison founded Stemilt in 1964 on the premise that consumers should have access to fruit with rich flavor. In 1914, the Mathison’s planted their first apple, cherry and pear orchards atop the Hill, where high-elevation microclimates offered superior growing conditions for tree fruits. A true pioneer, Tom sought better growing practices, built modern packing and storage facilities, and was an early adopter in both organics and sustainable agriculture. In 1989, founder Tom Mathison began transitioning a large number of acres from conventional to organic. Today, Tom’s children and grandchildren carry on the traditions that he began - operating efficiently and effectively in order to deliver the best eating experience to consumers with the least impact on the environment. Tom’s grandson, West Mathison, serves as Stemilt president and interim Chairman of the Board. Stemilt owns several packing houses, and not only grows, but packs and markets for other eastern Washington growers.