The Spice Sanctuary is a 100% Canadian-owned company founded by Trusha Patel and born from a passion for good food and healthy cooking and eating using only the finest of ingredients. Trusha comes from a family where the use of spices in all different types of food are a staple in every meal. Spices are so integral to her food story that they quickly unleashed a hidden passion. Using her love for spices as a base for her culinary creations in the kitchen provided Trusha with a retreat away from the demanding work life of being a corporate lawyer with a global Canadian company. The kitchen was her sanctuary. Along the way, Trusha learned how quality ingredients and organic food can transform the taste of food. Trusha then developed a keen interest in the healing properties of food and started to embrace what she was taught as a child - that food can be a medicine and can aid in well being. Upon moving to Canada from the UK, Trusha did find some organic spices but she was needing to use more to achieve the right flavor so she knew that the purity that organic provided was not enough – the quality, freshness and potency were all lacking. For Trusha, this was the epitome of and key to using premium high quality spices. It is not quantity but quality that counts and without the quality, the purity is wasted. And so, the search and work began to become extremely knowledgeable about spices and herbs, to spend the time to forge direct relationships with co-ops and farmers and to gain full traceability and insight into the production of spices. It soon became clear that not all organic spices are the same and that sourcing the much needed freshness, grades and quality directly involved looking for and bringing together many different contributing factors. Eventually, the spices were sourced from Certified Organic farms from around the world and packed here in Canada at a Certified Organic facility. Trusha used her palate for pairing spices and herbs to create her own, very popular, signature spice blends. Quality and taste were not enough for us, Spice Sanctuary was to become a steward of sustainability, education, culinary and lifestyle inspiration, and consumer transparency. We are always pushing the boundaries with our core values and are proud to be Canadian in so many ways and a company that Canadians are proud to support. Through the superior and eco-friendly quality of our products and the core values we stand by, we serve to empower consumers to cook and eat well so as to live and be well.