Snow Farms is a family-run business operating on three different properties (farms).  We farm a total of 110 acres on these properties.  We grow over forty different types of certified organic vegetables, producing the equivalent of 100 semi-trailer loads of produce each year.

The Snows push typical crop production boundaries for this area and grow many crops that are not considered to be suited to the micro-climate or the soils.  They have developed successful techniques to produce these vegetables on a consistent basis.

Their crops are grown on rich deltaic soils, fertilised with composted animal and crop waste and augmented with natural minerals permitted in certified organic production.  They find our farm soils to be very productive and the proof is in the vegetables we produce.

Most of their product is sold to wholesale produce businesses in metro Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Harvie and Susan Snow manage Snow Farms Ltd., a family-run farm business.  Other family members are daughter, Meaghan, son Trevor and Harvie's father, Gordon (Grandpa). The Snows have been growing certified organic vegetables since 1995 and have farmed in the B.C. communities of Westwold, Bradner and Ladner since 2000.