Jered and Julia Serben own and operate Serben Farms, a century old farming operation that is now running five generations deep. The company has a rich history that began in their early pioneer days of survival and has continued to today. Growing up, Jered's father ran the farm to maximize efficiency, with a state of the art conventional hog operation. This was successful until the 2001 hog-market crash, and provided Jered with a resource of knowledge to maximize animal health, ethically raise them and by treat them with respect. The reward is tremendous quality in their meat. All of our hogs live outdoors for their entire lives, with straw-bedded shelters available for warmth. Some live in pens, and some on pasture, depending on the stage of their lifecycle and the season. They are fed a grain-based feed along with anything they forage. The Organic Box is proud to serve Serben Farms pork to our food family members. Serben's is a place where happy pigs make a happy farm, and a happy meal fills a happy heart.