Reclaim Urban Farm is a multi-locational urban micro-farm located near Whyte Avenue in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta. It was started in 2014 by team Ryan Mason and Cathryn Sprague. We reclaim back and front yards, empty lots, and gardens in the neighbourhoods of Garneau, Old Strathcona, King Edward Park, and Bonnie Doon, repurposing them to grow food. In exchange for land, we offer a weekly box of fresh produce to the landowner. They can choose to have the box delivered to their home or have us donate it to a local charity on their behalf. 

To reclaim means to reimagine and repurpose urban spaces to new and old uses. In doing so we also recognize and acknowledge that the land we farm is part of Treaty 6. Before our grandparents arrived in Canada, this land was used by Canada's first farmers, hunters, fishers, and foragers. We stand in solidarity with those who believe everyone has the right to healthy food, land, water, and air.

Food lover, gardener, husband and pensively absent. Ryan has grown roots to gardening and Alberta that stretch way down. His great grandfather began it all when he immigrated to Edmonton and tried to make a living off of 5 acres in current day Bonnie Doon. Ryan was raised on a small farm at Pigeon Lake, where he competed with his brother to see who could fill the most yogurt containers with raspberries (and won)! Through the Augustana Campus, UofA he traveled to Mexico and Cuba where he renewed his passion for food justice and learned from the best campesinas around. Recently, he returned from Tanzania where his food security research enabled him to work alongside wakulimu (farmers) harvesting, thrashing and winnowing an assortment of grains. Bringing us back full circle, he is now growing great veg at his home farm at Pigeon Lake.