Keith & Lois Burger

Purnima Farm is the home of Keith, & Lois Burger. Their farm is located near Breton, Alberta (About 1 hour Southwest of Edmonton.) Lois has been living on that same piece of land since 1982 and Keith joined shortly after that, leading to them getting married in 1988. Of their 160 acres they use 2/3 for hay, a small piece for their homestead, and the rest to grow a small selection of other crops, housing for the chickens and production facilities. The only staff on the farm are Keith and Lois, as well as their daughter, Sharon.

Both Keith and Lois knew their entire lives that they wanted to become organic farmers due to growing up in a point in time where chemicals, GMO's, and preservatives were already being heavily used in food, they wanted to have a product that was natural and free of chemicals and anything that isn't natural occuring. They have been certified organic since 2002.

Their chickens are raised from 1 day old in a clean barn with free access to an outdoor run as they please. During winter they are brought inside to keep sheltered from the weather with lots of room to run around. They are fed certified organic grains. The eggs come in a variety of sizes, and are brown shelled.