Grower Story.

Promich is a family of growers whose love for avocados started long before their explosion in popularity. Their founder, Don Camerino Sebastian, started farming avocados back in 1980 and was one of the first to plant avocados using the grafting technique. He didn’t create the perfect avocado on his first try, nor did he on the second, tenth, or hundredth, but these failures are the secret to their sustained success! For generations they have worked side by side with their appreciable growers to achieve fulfillment of the commitments with their clients. Because of this connection with their growers, they are a team capable of providing quality avocados to the most demanding markets.


Where other companies aim to maximize production and profits, Promich aims to maximize the well-being of their growers and staff to get quality fruits from the tree until your table. Every person who works there is dedicated to delivering the best quality avocados for you. They’ve partnered with over 200 small growers, and all of them are motivated by their values for food and for life. Their growers and plant team take responsibility at every step of the supply chain and diligently carry out their work to achieve unrivaled avocados. That’s their tradition.