Canada’s largest organic apiary.

We extract, process and package thousands of pounds of organic honey each year at our family-run apiary in Guy, Alberta. At every step, our focus is on preserving the pure, natural goodness of honey. We’ve been certified organic for over 20 years, and recently became the first apiary in Canada to be certified as non-GMO. Peace River Honey is our family’s labour of love and we are thrilled to share it with pure-food enthusiasts around the world.

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Our team of busy bees.

We have 22 dedicated full-time employees, including a team of beekeepers, who oversee every aspect of our honey-making, from hive health to quality assurance. Production ramps up between July and September when we collect the honey from our hives. Honey frames, also known as supers, are removed from the beehives and spun in an extracting machine to separate the beeswax from the honey. The extracted honey is immediately stored in stainless steel drums to be packaged as Peace River Honey.

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Honey with nothing to hide.

There are no chemicals, additives or fillers in Peace River Honey, nor is there any need for them. Raw honey is naturally good – and good for you. Our honey is not heat treated, which can destroy its natural vitamins and enzymes. Impurities are filtered out and the honey is creamed to an exceptionally soft, smooth consistency. We regularly undergo food inspections and certifications to ensure we’re doing all we can to produce the purest all-natural honey in the most sustainable, bee-friendly way possible.