Organic Girl is a small group of women and men in California's fertile Salinas Valley who want to offer the best organic produce ever offered. The founders created the name Organic Girl because they wanted something that had a sense of youth, promise, and freshness about it. And, they wanted to make real sure you know they're an organic only company. 

Once they chose the name, something dawned on them: Who is Organic Girl? Both men and women alike who enjoy healthy, fresh, sustainable produce grown in harmony with Mother Nature. We're all Organic Girls! In fact, Mother Nature is an Organic Girl, too. Striving to be seen as offering the very best quality produce done the right way with our planet in mind. This means unique approaches to organic growing, rejecting produce that just isn't good enough, triple washing their salads, a real focus on getting their produce to us as fast as possible, and offering products that are a bit different in some way that matters to you. 

They are continually searching for the most progressive farming practices to grow their produce, as well as continue to challenge the complete supply chain all the way down to the clamshells they use to be more environmentally friendly and more sustainable. 

Organic Girl has chosen to make positive changes wherever they can. Amongst many things, they choose 100% recycled plastic packaging because it is a sustainable choice, truly closing the recycling loop; 100% recycled sourcing - no new materials are used - then with your help, the clamshells are returned right back to the recycle stream for future generations. They're not saving the world, but they're doing their part so you can do yours.