The Organic Box began in 2010, when Danny and Miranda Turner and their two young boys found that navigating the Farmers' Market every week was less than ideal, but they were committed to shopping small and buying organic produce from local farms. Surely there were other families that were in the same situation - wanting to buy from these farmers regularly but often getting thwarted by life with littles. So what if the local organic produce came right to their doorstep every week? Problem solved.

The idea grew from there. We built relationships with farmers and relationships with families and week after week our food family grew. More families committing to local farmers and local farmers growing more produce. But what about all of the other great local products available? What about family-owned and run farms growing food that isn't readily available in Alberta? Our food family grew to include these products as well.

What about families outside of the Greater-Edmonton area who wanted access to this great food and wanted to support these hard-working small businesses? Our food family grew to include these families as well. All along the way creating jobs for dedicated, hard-working, food-loving people. 

Our aspirations have always been great:

  • To change the food system in Alberta.
  • To solve problems that small producers face by giving them space to store and distribute food.
  • To educate and empower families to make informed food choices.

If it seems like we are punching beyond our weight, it's because we are. But the truth is, we are still a small, family-owned and run business with a small team of talented and hard-working people doing amazing things right here in Alberta.

We love food. That's how The Organic Box started. With a family and a love of food. Good food. Grown by families that love food.