Growing up in rural British Columbia, Stan and Kathy Smith developed a deep respect for nature, organic and veganic growing methods and sustainable agriculture. They learned invaluable lessons in cause and effect: sustainable family farms, farmers sustaining the community, and a community of trusting neighbors. No one can package the joys of simpler times. But, Stan, Kathy, daughters Sondra and Alonna, and Sondra's husband Danny apply these timeless values to each One Degree product they create. One Degree Organics is based on the idea that there is a natural connection between healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy people. The farther we roam from this ideal, the less confident we can be that the food we consume is good for us, and for the larger community. One Degree Organics' high standard of "one degree of separation from your food" restores honesty to the food chain, allowing you to know the true source of each ingredient. The Smith family has watched for many years how industrialization is destroying the simplicity of the family farm. Shelf life has become more important than a healthy life. Corporations work to scramble the genetic code of plants, compromising nutrition and redesigning living creations that already had a purpose. The Smiths became determined to stand against this tide and they knew there must be a better way. In the end, family is what makes One Degree Organics a trustworthy and conscientious company: Family owners who believe in learning the whole truth about each ingredient they use, and revealing that story on every package; and family farmers who make it possible for One Degree Organics to bake the values of simplicity, transparency and honesty into each extraordinary product.