OUR STORY (The beginnings: Ohh la la Gluten Free Bakery)

Five years ago, and to be exact on October 25th, 2012 we started our commercial journey by opening our dreamed Ohh la la Patisserie, a French Pastry Shop in the beautiful neighborhood of West Springs in the city of Calgary, Alberta. The idea was to simple make…incredible Macarons, French pastries and beautiful desserts. We loved the idea of mixing the latest French techniques with Latin and Asian infusions, a novelty that was elegantly executed by Pastry Chef Sebastian Judkovski and his wife, Yanina Rabinovich.

As the time passed by, we started noticing some very important things: people loved our unique macarons and also, many people with allergies began asking about modifying our desserts so they could try what once was…impossible. Gluten and dairy free options were paving the way to see a different need. To say it in a few easy words, a universe of extraordinary pastries and desserts made intentionally delicious with gluten free flours. Easier to digest but somehow tasting like the original products.

Well, easy to say…not easy to make so Chef Sebastian used some creativity and his more than 27 years of experience in the banking and pastry industry to recreate his recipes while using other flours like brown and white rice flour, tapioca, potato starch, etc.

The results…that’s the second chapter.

OUR STORY (Second Chapter)

Chef Sebastian had the idea…but to execute it was not a simple task!

Turning great “regular gluten recipes” into extraordinary Gluten Free ones, well let’s just say that he had many, many sleepless nights.

Why did we need to change from a regular Pastry Shop to a gluten free operation? Well we believe that it was the proper and natural transition. As we keep on growing our gluten free customers, it was becoming obvious to us that our allergy free products were finding more and more homes.

At the beginning of our last year of leasing the shop, the question that we were asked the most was: do you think you can start making more wholesale gluten free products to be distributed in food health stores, groceries and the food service in general? Well, the answer was an absolute YES.

We knew that our quality could show the industry, that the market was ready for innovative bakery products that were not only gluten free but incredible delicious with unparalleled taste and presentation. To say it in a different way, we knew that people were always thinking that gluten free products were tasteless and pretty much, the same. So, this was our immediate challenge. Reverting what once was literally forgettable to now…new levels of…amazing bakery products. Just like that, really simple.

We believe that our new mission is to show our beautiful country, that eating gluten free could be artistically delicious…and never ever again…boring.

Follow us on our next chapters!