NutraPonics grows their fresh, local, pesticide and herbicide-free, sustainably farmed produce in their indoor, vertical, aquaponics farm located just East of Sherwood Park, in Ardrossan.

Their farm uses aquaponics which means their plants and fish work together to ensure they don’t need chemical fertilizers. In their farm, the fish help the plants by lending them some of their water which contains natural, organic nutrients. The plants help the fish by returning that water to a healthy, balanced environment for the fish. This relationship ensures all the water in the farm is safe to be recycled, significantly reducing the farm’s water consumption.

By growing indoors, NutraPonics creates an environment that best suits their plants. In their farm, their plants are given everything they need to thrive in their natural state, without the need to be genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides or grown with chemical fertilizers.