At new world Foods, 
we do 4 things for our environment:
Our family began making yummy vegetarian foods in a small bakery (Sweet Cherubim) in Vancouver over 30 years ago. Back when "organic" and "natural" were not the norm, we were already committed to fueling our community with real food. Today, we still make our foods locally with love in small batches.
We are located in Burnaby, B.C., where we make all our products in-house. Our dream is to create a healthy New World while growing sustainably and responsibly.

support organic farming
Our organic products are made using only organic ingredients, grown by farmers who work to maintain soil nutrients, using sustainable farming practices without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Our manufacturing facility is certified organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International). Our organic certification represents the acknowledgement that we have a custodial obligation to protect our environment and ensure a healthy and delicious food product.

promote vegan and vegetarian food
Our family is vegetarian, so we genuinely care about promoting environmental awareness and a healthy lifestyle through all our vegetarian & vegan products. With the exception of honey, our manufacturing facility does not use any animal products. This reduces our use of fossil fuels, green house gases, water pollution and deforestation.

find sustainable packaging alternatives
Product quality and environmental impact mean a lot to us, so we strive to source our ingredients as locally as possible. We package our products in recyclable glass and plastic, and do our best to keep packaging to a minimum. This reduces our carbon footprint and keeps our foods fresh and enjoyable.