Bob Myers can remember, as a youngster, clearing the land for their family hobby farm in the Fraser Valley. 40 years later, he's still at it, having just finished putting in yet another 10 acre field this past summer to go with the 60 acres he, his wife Marlene and son Brock (pictured above), have expanded to over the past 13 years. This family operation is the major provider of high quality lettuces, chard, kales, parsley, bok choi, spinach and many more leafy green crops to a handful of major retailers in Vancouver, plus six wholesalers who serve organic stores and supermarkets as far away as Manitoba and the Yukon. Occasionally they have too much spinach or lettuce when there is a simultaneous shortage in Washington or Oregon, and often ship product into those markets, at the same time as a B.C. shortage of collards, bok choi or black kale is being covered with shipments into B.C. from Nash's in Dungeness, Full Circle in Carnation, or Siri and Sons east of Portland. In BC, the Myers Farm stands strong as an organizer of regional cooperation in shipping.