Estaban Martinez markets his strawberries under the JW Produce label. His 100 acre farm is located just outside of Watsonville, California. The Martinez family started with little more than a garden, selling from a small farm stand by the roadside and from these humble beginnings, have become a favorite local supplier within their own community and abroad. At JW Produce they believe in eliminating toxic loads from our fruits, farms, and bodies. They want to build strong, healthy soil to help produce better, richer, more natural tasting food.

JW Produce is a major sponsor of Amatitenses LV, an organization in Jalisco, Mexico. Amatitense is a shelter that helps women seek an escape from violence and gives them shelter, food, guidance, and counseling. JW Produce donates funds on a monthly basis and are seeking new ways to create revenue to donate to the Amatitense shelter.