MakeMake (pronounced maeki-maeki) story is a simple one of farming, family and hopes of a better world. We are passionate about growing fruit and take pride in doing it well. We see ourselves as stewards of our land, borrowing it from the generations to come. With this comes great responsibility to nurture it as best we can. To make this happen, we choose to farm organically and sustainably. Experience has taught us that organic farming is all about common sense: Healthy soil will create healthy plants, and healthy plants will create healthy humans.

Rich nutrient-dense soil is and a delicate balance of biodiversity is at the heart of what we do. We're constantly innovating. Over the years we've worked hard to get it right. It hasn't always been easy and yet we wouldn't do it any other way. Laughter and positivity play an important part in our approach to farming. The happiness and well-being of our farmworkers and their families has always been a priority for us. We´re proud to provide equal opportunities and long term employment. Our choices are always ethical. We care profoundly about the future of our planet and are doing everything in our power to make sure it is a beautiful one.