Liber Farms is excited to release the 2017 apple crop from their picturesque organic orchard in the South Similkameen Valley. The orchard and vineyard, purchased by the Dowells in March 2016 focuses on premium organic apples and small lot wines produced from organic grapes. The Dowell family relocated to the Similkameen Valley from Edmonton, where they were long-term Organic Box Members. Their transition from customer to supplier within the Food Family was quite smooth, having been familiar with our direct buying philosophy.

Liber Farms, named after the Roman god of wine, viticulture, fertility and freedom, is one of the oldest organic farms in B.C. dating back to the 1960’s. Located on the sloping riverbanks of the Similkameen River, 7 acres of the 25-acre farm and winery are planted in Gala, Ambrosia, Fuji and Honey Crisp and has been farmed organically since the planting.

“Our love of food and wine, a passion for organics and the excitement of producing from the land made us take the plunge and purchase the property. As soon as we found the site and tasted the fruit, we knew we had some real potential.” 

"Our backgrounds in sales, manufacturing and distribution allow us the opportunity to bring the best products to our customers. It is truly a joy to work with our hands and have the opportunity to pick apples with our children."

We hope you enjoy the fruits of their labours!