These lemons are organically grown in the foothills of the municipality of Jaumave, located in Mexico’s north-eastern state of Tamaulipas; a culturally and agriculturally rich region of Mexico known to produce the highest quality of lemons in the country. 

With over 142,000 trees in 865 acres currently in production, and 250 more acres being planted this year, the goal is to have a total production of 2,500 acres of organic lemons within the next 5 years. This boost in production will increase the current tonnage by around 200%.

Devoted to organic practices, our grower is steeped in the latest development and production of microorganisms. Instead of using heavy animal waste and bone meals in the soil, the grower works with in-house revolutionary farming practices that will be the future of organic farming. By rebuilding the soil with reintroduction of key microorganisms they are creating methods of more natural and effective farming.

Lemon King is the biggest organic lemon producer in Mexico and possesses years of harvesting experience. They harvest fruit at its optimal color, acidity, and sugar levels. These practices maximize the lemons shelf life keeping it's delicious taste taste when they reach you.