Left Coast Naturals was founded as “Skeet & Ike’s” in 1996 by two friends, Ian Walker and Jason Dorland. Eventually, stores starting asking for their products. However, when Jason and Ian approached distributors the answer was, “No”. So, they took the matter into their own hands and distributed their own products themselves. By 1998, Skeet & Ike’s got into making Organic Snacks and got out of manufacturing peanut butter. Even though they were still delivering everything themselves (they had graduated from the trunk of their cars to a delivery van by this time) they decided that they needed to distribute other products to expand the distribution. Skeet & Ike’s expanded into a larger warehouse space with larger trucks and by 2009 had a 26,000 sq ft warehouse and a fleet of trucks delivering 25 different brands as well as 150 skus of Organic Bulk Commodities. Since Skeet & Ike’s was the name of the product we manufactured as well as the name of the distribution business, in 2009 we decided to celebrate the success of Skeet & Ike’s distribution by giving the company it’s own name. So the Skeet & Ike’s distribution side of the business became Left Coast Naturals.