Leffers Farm is owned and operated by the Leffers brothers, Howard and Cornelius. The 400 acre farm was their parents, however in 1990, with their father’s support Howard got his start on the farm with Cornelius joining him a few years later. Leffers Farm is located north of Coaldale and northeast of Lethbridge. The Leffers started down the organic road in 2002 and had their first organic field in 2005. If the brothers had decided to do the whole farm at once it would have taken years, instead, they’ve chosen to do it in stages. At this point, all the vegetables they grow are certified organic. The Leffers have decided to focus their business on growing a select number of crops and doing that well. Crops on the farm include carrots, winter cereals, alfalfa, edible beans and certified organic red and gold beets. There is a small, certified organic black currant patch they harvest too! Written by Debbie Flynn