What happens when two chefs come together to raise sheep? You get the best tasting Lamb available in Alberta. Ray and Nancy Nolan are professional chefs by trade, they know what good lamb should taste like!

Lambtastic Farms is able to process lamb on a consistent basis throughout the year. During cold winter months and hot summer days, a 12,500 square foot heated, ventilated barn can house up to 1200 head of sheep, keeping them warm, clean and safe. Lambtastic's high ethical standards ensure all livestock are raised in a healthy environment.  They are raised without the use of hormones or animal by-product feeds. Nutrition plays a major role in the well-being of the flock. The sheep have the opportunity to roam and live a natural life, feeding off the grasslands and sparkling waters. Their diet is supplemented with carefully regulated forage and mixed grain ration.