Wolfe Honey Company Inc. is a family owned Organic Apiary located in Guy, Alberta – The Peace River Region. Gilbert Wolfe started beekeeping at 14 years of age; this was his job of choice as a kid growing up in the local area. Wolfe Honey Company Inc. is now the largest organic apiary in Canada and has been in operation for over 25 years. Their production facility features state of the art honey processing and packaging technology, and the Wolfe family takes great pride in developing honey products that stand out in the marketplace – because there is no substitute for high quality.  In 2006, Gilbert and Sharon Wolfe launched the Honey Bunny product line. First the was the idea of retailing their organic liquid honeys, and honey sweetened condiments such as the delicious ketchup and BBQ sauces. These have been expertly packaged in non-drip pouches which offer excellent rewards as a great environmental packaging solution, as well as being easy to use and clean! Next they offered up their legendary raw honey. Half a billion bees buzz the pristine fields of Northern Alberta and bring back this supreme honey which Gilbert and his team extract with no chemicals, no additives, and harvest as pure, raw, nutritious honey.  Gilbert is a steward of the land and an absolute bee whisperer. By keeping them happy, healthy, and productive he is turning out the world class honey products from right here in Alberta.