High-Vibe Health's Certified Organic Bone Broth is the only certified organic bone broth made in Alberta (The Second in Canada). It is made with clean, local, fresh ingredients and simmered between 24-50 hours, using 1lb of bone to 1 litre filtered water ratio so the broth is highly mineralized and richly flavoured. Their broths are gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar-free. The Poultry broths are onion free as well. High-Vibe Health was found in 2016 by businesswomen,  Chrystal Chau. She started making broth in 2016 to help nourish people holistically after leaving her office job to focus on what makes her heart full. When her mother was ill she remembers eating meals in the hospital which were usually artificially flavoured, coloured, fill with MSG, preservative, and sodium. She knew that people deserved and wanted a better option than that, so she created her line of broths with that goal in mind, to be one of the healthiest broths n the market.