In 2004 Heavenly Organics was founded by Amit & Dr. I.S. Hooda.  For decades they have been working with small, family farms to help preserve traditional and sustainable organic farming methods while helping them earn a living from selling their delicious organic goods.

Heavenly Organics raw 100% organic honey is so divine and different from other organic raw honeys because it comes from naturally-occurring wild beehives found deep within the pristine forests of Northern and Central India and parts of the Himalayan Mountains.  That means that neither the hives nor the free-range bees have ever been exposed to pesticides, pollutants, genetically modified crops or antibiotics.  

That said, Heavenly Organics is truly something special and is the cleanest sourced honey you can find. 

wild beehive

Today, Heavenly Organics supports nearly 600 family farmers and produces 100% Organic Raw Honey, Chocolate Honey Patties and 100% Organic Whole Cane Sugar.

This work helps displaced people find markets to sell their goods and ensures them a reliable income.  Without it, their means of livelihood would be very limited.  For the past decade, Heavenly Organics has been leading the authentic fair trade movement and creating big change. Their goal is to increase the number of farmers they work with to 5,000 in the next five years and to extend this business model into other countries to help create long-lasting sustainable economies in other isolated areas and conflict zones.  Their company was built on the belief that profits can create peace, and they will continue to expand on Dr. I.S. Hooda’s early visions of respecting the earth, animals, humankind, and all who contribute to the circle of life.